How to turn on Speak Screen in iPhone which read everything for you


How to turn on Speak Screen which read from screen:

iPhone is a great device to use both for office use and for our daily use.And this is the best feature it has.iPhone has a hidden feature in it’s settings called “Speak Screen”.This feature can read from your phone screen.It can read any thing shown on screen as websites,blogs or eBooks. This hidden feature can be set up in few steps so.

Follow these steps:

First step:

Goto your settings and open General.


Second step:

In general tab open Accessibility.


Third step:

When your are in Accessibility tap on Speech.



Fourth Step:

And then Turn on the “Speak Screen”.


Fifth Step:

Speak Screen is activated in your phone.Now there are three settings pop ups after you Turn on the “Speak Screen”.These settings are use for to select new languages and speed of speaking while reading any page.

Sixth step:

Now go to home screen and just slide down from top of screen with two fingers.”Speak Screen” slide bar will shown and it start reading the page.There are whole panel shown on screen and you can change the speed of reading from there,you can pause or make it forward or backward.You can also minimize it by tapping on left arrow button and just tap it again and it will be shown on screen.



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