How to change your play store region to US in android permanently


Change play Store region to US in android permanently:

Are you tired that you are in a region where some apps are not available and you are getting the error. This item is not available in your country.So here is the solution to change play store region to US.

Follow the steps if you want to change the play store region to US :

1: First of all open Play Store.

2: Search and Download “vypervpn“.

3: Close google play.

4: Go to settings then applications then all and select google play store.

5: Clear the data.

6: Open “VyperVpn”.

7: Create a free account.

9: Click on location sign exactly right to connect.

10: Choose the location US or UK.

11: Go Back and Click Connect.

12: Wait for it to connect.

13: After the “vpn” is connected open google play store and touch accept.

14: Now your region should be changed.

15: Close google play store and exit “vypervpn”.

16: Open google play store again and enjoy us play store.

That’s it now you have changed your play store region to US now you can install awesome apps like “vevo”,”pokemon go” etc. If you have some queries do ask as in comments. And like or Facebook pageThank-you.


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